About Zeb Merson

Zeb knows what it means to experience mental and emotional trauma; being a life consultant doesn’t exclude the trials and tribulations of living. Utilizing over 3 decades of contemplative spiritual practice alongside a practical education in deep listening he transforms his own challenges daily. Zeb is trained in supportive technologies including, Dyadic Communication, Leadership Training and Change Management. He’s earned certification in Conflict Resolution/Mediation and Social Artistry Leadership.
Using personal anecdotes and examples from his life experiences, it’s a matter of course for Zeb to find common ground with clients. This creates the space for rich communication and understanding void of confusing jargon and superiority dynamics. Zeb’s communication is succinct and understandable. He contributes a lasting clarity of perspective and charts a course for solutions oriented discussion.

“A friend referred me to Zeb when I needed some coaching on a relationship. I left my first session with clarity, confidence and a reminder to be true to myself.”A.C. - Portland, Oregon
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