Heart Centered Thinking for the Modern Mind

Trueheart-Truemind provides personal development consulting and conflict transformation tools for individuals, couples and groups through meaningful dialog and compassionate listening.

A “YOU” Centered Approach

Trueheart-Truemind provides tools that help expand your choices. The sessions will help determine what you truly want along with deliberate steps to achieving it. This is action oriented personal development that gets results.

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“Zeb helps me clear paths and open up ways of thinking and seeing the world in a way that is empowering, refreshing and enlightening!”J.S. - Portland, Oregon

About Zeb Merson

Zeb's experience with people in consultative engagement repeatedly shows him that the aspects of our lives which are troubling offer us the greatest opportunity of growth and development.

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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or finding out more about Trueheart-Truemind please call or email us. We will return phone calls and reply to emails within 24 hours. Read more about our Services.


There are many benefits to this process: focused self-awareness, confidence, ability to self express, improved emotional awareness and expression, clarity of personal options, decision making development, clear articulation of what you want in life and an appreciation of your life process. This is an opportunity for personal transformation.
The first session includes intake and mutual assessment. We’ll take the time to determine if working together will be a good match. You’ll learn the foundations of what I do and what you can expect if we continue forward. We begin by getting to know one another. Many feel comfortable right away and begin personal dialogues that help illuminate why they have come in.
Some people feel better about their situation after their first visit…it’s powerful to be heard without judgement or criticism. For others more time is required to feel comfortable expressing themselves. Results are dependent on different factors: what your goals are, how comfortable you are being open and honest, if you’ve had previous experience in similar settings, etc. I encourage people to examine progress gradually. The Trueheart-Truemind process is an ongoing process determined by you, and facilitated by me.
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