I am incredibly grateful ALWAYS for your help in cutting out the bullshit and focusing on what’s real and the truth. I feel incredibly blessed that the universe put you in my path and I consider you a fundamental part of my growth as a woman and a mother. Thank you for your guidance and clarity. After 4 months of hustling, getting shit done and general busy nonsense, I am giving in to the sadness I have felt and still feel so profoundly. I know that doing so will make for a much happier me in the long run. I’m grateful for your friendship, support and humor. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.”

F. G. – Portland, Oregon

A friend referred me to Zeb when I needed some coaching on a relationship. I left my first session with clarity, confidence and a reminder to be true to myself. Zeb has the ability to help you bring your issues to your conscious level so you can take responsibility for your actions and life. Every time I leave a session, I go home and act on his advice. With over 20 years in the industry Zeb is an expert. It’s also refreshing that he is very authentic and real about his own life. He helps humans reach their potential by asking the hard questions we might not ask ourselves. Just like you service your car, I believe every person needs to service their mind and heart.”

A. C. – Portland, Oregon

I came to see Zeb to get help working through some personal barriers I was having trouble solving on my own. I had spent many years trying different things and none of them helped me see the truth as clearly as Zeb did. I find him to be very professional and feel very comfortable confiding in him. Zeb used many different modalities to help find, within me, the answers I needed to move forward. Thank you Zeb.”

C. H. – Portland, Oregon

I own a small business and have a staff of 12. We do business with national and international clients who are very demanding. Working with Zeb helped me navigate and gain clarity on the many choices and decisions I needed to make in order to be successful as a leader. I feel that our work together has helped me make decisions for my own highest good. Zeb’s model for consulting is structured but flexible enough to meet my particular communication style and belief system. He is professional, creative and empathetic. Working with Zeb has enabled me to break through on several challenging issues. I would recommend his service to anyone who is exploring personal, professional or spiritual growth.”

D. M. F. – Portland, Oregon

I’m honored to share with others my great esteem, and the feelings of gratitude I have for Zeb Merson. I’ve sought guidance in both the psychological and spiritual domains. In the short time that I have known him, our work together has revealed the greatest possibility and manifestation I’ve encountered. When I met Zeb, I had invested 30 years of learning many and diverse methods, for simply seeking the sense of peace and confidence that I now know. I’m emerging as the woman I’ve been waiting for, all of my life. His easy manner and thoughtful technique invite us all to take another chance on our true love. He is one of the most gifted psycho /spiritually trained consultants I’ve experienced, and he’s uniquely wonderful in every sense of the word indeed.”

Y. S. – Portland, Oregon

It’s been 2 1/2 years I’ve been seeking “something” from Zeb. I say “something”, because I’m never quite sure what it is I’m seeking when I feel the need to take time to see him, but it’s always “something.” It changes, as life does on its own. I’ve worked with him on a myriad of issues to find each is just a step in the direction to finding a stronger sense of self. That’s exactly what he helps me to do. He intuitively picks up on what it is I need to address, and always finds a way to lead me in the direction of answering my own questions. I’ve written and re-written this testimonial several times… never achieving exactly what I’m trying to say. It’s hard to put in to words all that Zeb has done for me. I will say, however, that I’ve never felt so comforted or so welcomed to just be me and that “me” grows and heals each time I meet with him.”

M. V. – Portland, Oregon

Zeb helps me clear paths and open up ways of thinking and seeing the world in a way that is empowering, refreshing and enlightening! When I met Zeb, I was focused on a path of self-development and I knew there were things I needed to focus on, but wasn’t sure exactly what they were. My meetings with Zeb shed light on so much and really transform how I think and see myself and the world around me. I look forward to my sessions and seing what evolves. Since seeing Zeb, my relationships with friends and most importantly, my husband, have improved and deepened.”

J. S. – Portland, Oregon

Zeb was highly recommended by a close friend. When I found myself seeking spiritual counsel, I was reminded of Trueheart-Truemind. I can’t express my gratitude for Zeb’s insights and guidance; he gives me the tools I need to recognize and move through obstacles I’ve unwittingly placed in my own way. He is a lovely man with wisdom and humility, the perfect combination to guide you to a place where self-resolution lives. I move through those unpleasant, painful experiences that used to hold me captive for days, if not weeks, in minutes. I highly recommend Zeb whether you are having a particular issue or just feeling stuck in your personal growth. You will leave his office seeing the world through new, revitalized eyes.”

G. M. – Portland, Oregon

I would like to write this letter as a testimonial to the amazing/life changing work I have experienced in the past 6 months while working with Zeb Merson. I tried traditional counseling in the past as I made my way through a divorce. A year passed with weekly sessions and I continued to see my ex-husband as the sole issue. Needless to say, that influenced how I looked at counseling until a friend explained how it changed her life. The clarity she got was something I yearned for as I realized I was going in circles with some of my relationships, including the one with myself. I moved to Portland upon retiring from a stressful, but very fulfilling, job and began the journey of finding who I am now as opposed to who I had been as defined mostly by my job. A serious medical issue confronted me after moving here so I was ready to try anything that made sense and was drawn to Zeb through my acupuncturist and chiropractor. They had been wonderful in helping me begin to peel back the proverbial onion of who I really am and what really matters to me in life. Thus began my journey with Zeb.
It might be interesting to list the things about my work with him that I have found so very helpful and that make him so unique in my eyes:

  • He has the capacity to listen to my words as I share something I’m concerned about and help me clarify my thinking, asking for examples, asking me if I think it might be a concern, but most importantly he has a way of reframing my concern so that it loses its hold on me. Once we talk about it, my energy begins to flow again and what had been a lifelong emotional road block I had been trying to “think away” actually does just that. He has helped me to do this time and time again by helping me look at how I feel about the issue and then opening up my thinking…which is just astounding. I have gotten more clarity about what matters to me in life and butterflies in my stomach when I get clarity which is just beautiful!!
  • He senses things that are bothering me that I have not let surface yet, even to myself, and gives me the emotional comfort to dig deep and ask myself what it might be. I feel totally comfortable sharing what it is and I get rewarded with seeing it in a new light. The hard work is so worth it because of the gains I’ve made with Zeb’s input and guidance!
  • He is supportive in so many ways, from the way he greets me to making sure I know I can contact him between sessions if something comes up that I want to talk to him about. He also schedules our sessions for the amount of time I want, but is willing to be flexible to ensure when I leave I have complete clarity and comfort with whatever the concern was.
  • Last but not least, with Zeb’s guidance and input, I find that I’m beginning to use the tools more often that we’ve worked on developing. It feels just amazing to have seen and felt a conflict with another person or internally, but have it loose that hold after being able to see it through a different lens, so to speak. I am choosing to become a more open person with my feelings which has helped me in so many ways…learning to trust myself feels good!

I feel so blessed to be working with this dear man who cares so much about people and how each individual finds their voice and strength as they journey the path of life. Growth and finding that inner voice matters so much to him as it has to me. However, I was more focused on growth. Little did I realize that I had lost my way because I had lost my voice!

I hope that this letter gives you some insight into why I feel that Zeb is amazing in the work that he does. I just know that when I started working with him I understood the title of “Trueheart-Truemind” but now I understand why Trueheart has to come first with me!”

L. O. – Portland, Oregon

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